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"Nordic Women in Film is a knowledge bank and source of inspiration about women in Scandinavian film. A collection of name entries, topical portraits, in-depth articles, interviews and film clips intended to disseminate knowledge and awareness of women’s professional contributions to film, from both a historical and present-day perspective."

What Will Your Verse Be? (9x16 Social Cutdowns)

Why do we watch movies? Former New York Times film critic A.O. Scott and comedian Marc Maron (@marcmaron) share their thoughts in Episode 1250 of WTF with Marc Maron

These are the social cutdowns of that video:

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Soapbox Women Spotlight

"This week’s spotlight is on Soapbox Women and Soapbox Editors community member Susanna Ericsson. An artist at heart, Susanna is living her dream of working as a video editor and actress in New bYork City. Get to know Susanna, her creative journey, and the inspirations that drive her in the spotlight" through this link: HERE

SoHo Sessions official showreel 2023. Created and edited by Susanna. 

Edited by Susanna for Hulu's Huluween Horror Challenge with Tiffany "New York" Pollard

What Will Your Verse Be?

Why do we watch movies? New York Times film critic A.O. Scott and comedian Marc Maron share their thoughts in Episode 1250 of WTF with Marc Maron. 

This is a video based on their discussion. 

TV Promos edited for FX and FXX

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HBO MAX Promos

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Edited for Netflix through 

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TBS Network for Wonder Woman 💜 💪 and #internationalwomensday


Susanna edited the Swedish feature Ankdammen.

Released through Nordisk Film and Available on iTunes [Sweden & Denmark] 

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WOMAN An Interview Series showcases empowering women in today's society.

Episode 5 of WOMAN is now live. Watch Rachel Dyke, a miniature artist based in Los Angeles, as she tells us what it's like to be bipolar. 

[BTS 📸].. 3rd Ep of WOMAN wrapped. 

Secret guest revealed.. talking food scares, health obsessions, addictions #womananinterviewseries 🔎👁 Stockholm, Sweden

Episode 2 of WOMAN is now live. Watch Emmy winning director Tani Ikeda tell her story of how the Survivor Love Letter movement began. 

Episode 1 of WOMAN features Barbara Guillaume. She's a celebrity men's groomer represented by Forward Artist. Watch the first Episode here

NOW (2019)

#NowShortFilm Screening in festivals worldwide. (imdb)

All The Little Things We Kill

Susanna stars in the Teaser Trailer for director Adam Neutzsky-Wulff's next feature, shot by Christopher Pearson, and produced by the newly formed independent film studio Courageous Content.

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Susanna in the sci-fi drama NOW written and directed by Justin Zachary. Produced by Helm Media.


Watch 'ONE DAY'

"While the Child of Lov (a.k.a. Belgium-born musician Cole Williams) sadly passed away late last year at the age of 26, a video has surfaced to support his self-titled album's "One Day." A press release explains that director Christine Yuan had been commissioned to do the video shortly before Williams passed away. She had never met the Child of Lov and did not know of his illness, but was inspired by the moody tune's lyric.. Read on

SPIN Article, June 23, 2014Banana TV 6/24/2014Noisey Article 6/23/2014

NME news, "Posthumous video for The Child Of Lov's 'One Day' featuring Damon Albarn released"

ABOVE & BEYOND ft. Zoe Johnston "Peace of Mind"


.. Roughly 25 million listeners in more than 30 countries" - Read more here 

LUNAR - by Tyson Wade Johnston

Watch 'LUNAR'

The 10.29.13 Sci-Fi Vimeo Staff Pick & Short of the Week LUNAR by Tyson Wade Johnston  

Learn more about LUNAR through the Behind the Scenes ARTICLE Read Article

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